Broadcast Training Course.

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of broadcasting?

We have our very own specifically designed course enabling you to understand how to broadcast yourself online and on air.

With over 20 years experience in the industry we can help you become more confident in your approach, be able to communicate better and have an understanding of how a 'Show' or 'Programme' is produced by YOU.

You may want to send your shows to stations around the globe, or simply start your own online channel?

What will you learn?

WK 1 - Introduction into recording

WK 2 - Learning the kit
WK 3 - Imaging (Intro's, Outro's and Segways)

WK 4 - Structure (topic & style of music)

WK 5 -Interview techniques - The art of listening

WK 6 - Planning, preparation and timing

WK 7 - Law, what you can and cannot do.

WK 8 - Putting it together - Ready to be heard

WK 9 and WK 10 producing your own show and elements ready to take away and play. 

This is a basic overview of what is a fun intense course. No matter who you are, you can grow in confidence with the knowledge of knowing your voice can be heard.

Availability is limited to 6 persons per course.

3 days to choose from.

Duration - 10 weeks 

Courses Available from May 2022

Course timings

Monday Evenings 6-7pm

Tuesday Evenings 7-8pm

Thursdays  2-4pm

Cost £200 for the full 10 weeks

To book your slot Email or fill in the form below.

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