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Pipewell Studios CIC, a not-for-profit organisation has a special interest in broadcast training, believing that the communication skills used in broadcasting are cross transferable whilst increasing confidence levels.

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Dean’s lockdown broadcasting course has been a total life changer for our son George. 

What began as a simple distraction because most of his college class work was cancelled became the only tutoring that truly engaged him online.

Dean opened his eyes to a new way of communicating that he would never have thought about had if it had not been for the deeply involving way Dean immerses his students in each project. If you had told George he would be presenting a radio show, within a few weeks of working with Dean he would have laughed at the suggestion and yet that is exactly what happened.  

During a time, when it would have been extremely easy to lose confidence, Dean’s workshops provided George with an anchor. Dean has such a calm and reassuring manner that he allows people to learn at their own pace and to discover the simplest way of approaching each broadcasting challenge.  As George says, Dean has the knack of making the complicated seem simple. The way he explains the technology and broadcasting techniques is so straightforward that it makes you relax and feel that it is easy.  Dean is a natural communicator, who teaches with enthusiasm and a sense of fun that is infectious and as soon as it was safe to do so, George couldn’t wait to work alongside him in his studio, as he is eager to learn more.

Dean is an instinctive educator and his aims at Pipewell Studios providing a state-of-the-art sound studio facility in an area like Liskeard where there are many talented young musicians and performers with no outlet for their talents is exemplary.  He is providing a much-needed channel for young students to test their skills and by offering them an avenue to be creative, he is literally changing lives.


Lorna & Mike Ingham MBE

Dean has been running and will continue to run a Broadcasting course at Liskeard School and Community College.

The course has been designed to enable our students to learn about and then apply skills to a level where they can produce and broadcast their own radio show.

Dean’s manner with the students is exemplary. He manages to engage them throughout the session with technical challenges, ideas, information and an element of competition; these things are always carried out with intelligence, enthusiasm and a degree of humour.

With Dean’s help, what began as a group of 10 students (most of whom were too shy to listen back to their own voice back) have now gained in confidence to the extent that they are ready to plan a range of shows with topics including Dyslexia, Autism, environment and YouTubing. These will be recorded and broadcast in December.

Gabby Schooling/ Arts Teacher & Arts Award Co-ordinator

Liskeard School & Community College / July 2019

I have had the honour of working on Liskeard FM when the station was first started by Dean, I was 14 years old .

The experience which I have gained working within the station and the people which I have met in the local community through doing it has been an unforgettable experience.

The main skills I learned over the time which I spent volunteering would be the confidence when meeting new people and to broadcast who I am to an audience. Other techniques Dean taught me over the time being at Liskeard FM, have helped in many situations. Overall I would recommend anyone to take up the chance to work with Dean and Pipewell Studios for the experience and to learn new skills.

Ross Wheddon / University Student DBS Plymouth

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